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Listening Out Loud

A truly effective social media presence is all about dialogue; connecting with people, creating and curating memorable, zeitgeisty content – and generally bringing a human touch to your digital communications.

Over the past few years, I have handled social media campaigns for a variety of arts, travel and luxury property companies.

Train in Motion

train tours 4 u

In late 2016, I took on a one-month, interim project for the publishers of the European Railway Timetable and the Europe by Rail Guidebook, the definitive guide for discerning independent rail travellers.

Being something of a rail travel evangelist, I enjoyed this project immensely. I worked across their instagram, facebook and twitter platforms, significantly boosting follower numbers, raising awareness and giving them a solid foundation to market their book, timetables and railway map products.

The project also saw me experimenting with a suite of fun apps, such as animated video tool Ripl and content creation and scheduling tools Promo Republic and Canva, all of which I would recommend to other social content creators.

Sharing the Luxury Expat Dream

international property shares

In 2014 I overhauled the facebook presence of International Property Shares, a luxury shared ownership holiday home company. I also advised them on SEO, online advertising and effective digital marketing in general.

In 2016 I managed the design, transfer and set up of their new website and blog, using a professional WordPress theme. This included substantial SEO work and keyword research.

Visions of Scotland (Girders not included!)

we are northern lights

In 2013 I looked after the social presence of the Bafta-nominated We Are Northern Lights, Scotland’s first entirely crowdsourced documentary feature film, crafted by director Nick Higgins from submissions made by 121 ordinary Scots, many of them first time filmmakers.

All of whom filmed their personal vision of what made Scotland great, along with their hopes and dreams for the country’s future, after the 2014 Independence Referendum.

Animation for a New Generation

boy and bunnet

Also in 2013, I ran the social presence of The Boy and the Bunnet, a charming educational Edinburgh Fringe show, book and music CD, all celebrating the richness of Scots Gaelic language, music, nature and culture.

Scotland’s Endless Bounty

Infinite Scotland

On the back of this project, I looked after digital marketing for Infinite Scotland, an ambitious app and online mapping tool, funded by Creative Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage, to share the wealth of Scotland’s cultural and natural assets with the world.

Who, me?

Of course I maintain an active, friendly and constructive presence on my own personal social channels too, see the links in the top navigation bar above.

Pop over there to check me out – and don’t forget to say hello!

Here’s my Klout Profile

My Social Footprint & Following

My personal social network is substantial, engaged and influential.

The total reach of my direct connections across all my personal social sites is currently: 18,500+

As of July 2017, this breaks down as follows:

Twitter: 8,000+ (3 accounts)
Facebook Personal: 300+
Facebook Pages: 3,200+ (3 pages)
LinkedIn: 2,700+
Google+: 2,700 + (1 personal, 1 page)
StumbleUpon: 480+

Pinterest: 500+
Instagram: 500+
Foursquare / Swarm: c 100

Influence: People Matter

My network includes: journalists and editors, bloggers, publishers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, artists, charity directors, policy makers, PR professionals, tech agencies, campaigners, travel companies and more besides.

They are (generally) active, social savvy and informed.

My Ethos

All of these followers have been cultivated gradually and organically over the past 6 years or so. I have never bought followers and I do not approve of using tools which automate following processes.

I firmly believe that social media communication – like all good communication – should be human, personal, engaging and genuine!

These days I’m more active on some social sites than others. Those I use daily at present include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Swarm.

My Values

I support the work of others, those whose work and causes I believe in, and whose personal values I share, and speaking of sharing, I regularly share their projects online too.

Above all, I try to be a good, responsible digital citizen and ambassador. I try to put the social back into social media, which in some quarters has become rather mechanical and lifeless.

After all, there’s a reason they call it ‘social’ media right?

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