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The New European: Exploring Van Gogh’s Homeland

The Scotsman: InterRail for Grown Ups

The Guardian: the Waiting Wall Art Project

The Daily Express: Varna The Black Sea Coast Gem Nobody’s Heard Of

Club Life Magazine: Exploring the Canadian Rockies by rail

Cool Places – various food, drink & accommodation entries for Edinburgh Exploring Germany by Train

The List magazine: train travel trips

On Brighton’s LGBTQ Trail at Brighton Museum

London City Airport blog: posts on travel gadgets, city guides, remote parenting & essential travel apps

Train Tours 4 U: post about the history of the Grand Tour

Online Travel Content

Weather 2 Travel: Varna, Pearl of the Black Sea Coast

Rough Guides: 12 Tips for Travelling Around the US of A by Train with Amtrak

Rough Guides: 8 Tips for Travelling by Train in Europe

Rough Guides: Emilia Romagna, the new Tuscany?

CTM Travel: Business Travel for Millennials

CTM Travel: Helsinki Business Travel Guide

Luxurious Magazine: Madeira

Ticino: Switzerland’s Italian Canton

The Train Hacker: Europe’s Best Scenic Train Journeys

The Train Hacker: Britain’s Best Railway Hotels

The Train Hacker: Posh InterRail: Go First Class Around Europe

Club Med: on the history of beach football

Club Med: golfing breaks

Club Med: the history of all-inclusive holidays

Holiday Hypermarket: on Cuba’s rising contemporary art stars

Holiday Hypermarket: The quieter side of Ibiza

Holiday Hypermarket: Ibiza’s Superstar DJs

Holiday Hypermarket: eating healthy on your Greek holiday

Rail Guru: Getting the most out of Eurostar

Others include: Scotland on Sunday, Momondo, Best Loved Hotels, the Trainline, Round the World Flights, Context Travel,, Train Tours 4 U, National Parks Traveler, Flightster.

Music Writing

Electronic Sound Magazine

Paddy McAloon’s I Trawl the Megahertz reflections on a lost classic

Telex at Eurovision 1980

Kraftwerk travelogue

Kraftwerk live feature at Tour de France

Lloyd Cole interview

John Grant album review

ToyDrum album review

FACT Magazine

Celebrating Dusseldorf, the home of Kraftwerk and Krautrock

Charity / Humanitarian

On my work with refugee charity Prosper

My Travel Sites & Blogs

Railway Stays – a guide to luxury trains, destinations & railway hotels worldwide

Trains on the Brain – my personal rail travel blog

This Must be the Place – about places in music, and music in places…





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